Loan Clash Guernsey's

The Perth Football League have sets of Guernsey's available to loan if your Club Guernsey is similar to another Club in your grade. 

Loan Clash Guernsey Sets can be borrowed from the League with conditions listed below:


  • Guernseys must be returned cleaned and accounted for by 12pm the following Tuesday.
  • If returned unclean Clubs will be charged a drycleaning fee per set.
  • Returning Guernsey's later than Tuesday will incur a fine of $50 plus 10/day thereafter. 
  • If any Guernsey is damaged during the game the Club must pay per damaged Guernsey. 
  • If a Guernsey is not returned your club will be charged $100 per jumper ($200 for the WCE Guernsey's)


To borrow a set of Clash Guernsey's for a match please contact- Jessica Pelletier


To check if your Club Guernsey may clash with another club please go to the Perth Football League Website under Subheading Clubs > Clash Guernsey's > Grade 

Seniors Set 1 

2 Sets x 30 Guernseys 

Sizes: M - 3XL 

Numbers: 1 - 30

Seniors Set 2 

1 Set x 26 Guernseys 

Sizes: M - 3XL 

Numbers: 1 - 26

Colts Set 1

1 Set x 30 Guernseys 

Sizes: S - 3XL 

Numbers: 1 - 30

Set 3





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