Integrated to play in Optus Stadium Curtain RaiserWednesday, April 4, 2018 - 4:08 PM

On Sunday 8 April, 51 players from the WAAFL Integrated competition will be given the opportunity to play on Optus Stadium.

The Curtain Raiser will take place before the West Coast Eagles v Geelong match in what has become an annual event for the program.

The two teams ‘WAAFL Integrated’ and ‘Integrated All Stars’ are assembled from across the eight clubs currently competing in the Integrated competition.

The Curtain Raiser aims to showcase the Integrated Football program to a wider audience.

The curtain raiser will commence at 12.40pm on Sunday with spectators requiring an AFL match day ticket for entry.

For more information on Integrated Football contact WAAFL Integrated Football Coordinator Greg Gilbee


WAAFL Integrated Team

1.       David Hallows
2.       Jayson Mann
3.      Michael Nguyen
4.       Kyron Timms
5.       Matthew Barbaro
6.       Luke Johnson
7.       Nick Rogerson
8.       Rhys Sturch
9.       Robert Greene
10.    Jason Kappler
11.    Scott Crawford
12.    Rusty Nelligan
13.    Adam Minnock
14.    Lindsay Reed
15.    Liam Arbuckle
16.    Kevin Phillips
17.    Zachary Aquino
18.    Uwane
19.    Ryan Nicholls
20.    Jeremy Nosow
21.    Peter Pewsey
22.    Joshua Walmsley-Eyre
23.    Luca Santoro
24.    Ben Strong
25.    Viktor Strizek
Integrated All Stars Team
1.      Alex Tilli
2.       Andrew Wilson
3.       Fillip Ranieri
4.       Boyd Duffield
5.       Brandon Brown
6.       Mitchell Griffin
7.       Jayden Minervini
8.      Luke McLachlan
9.       Lyndon Snooks
10.    Toby Anscombe
11.    Jordan Scurria
12.    William Doner
13.    Ben Peiters
14.    Luke Jackson
15.    Brad Turner
16.    Jordan Barker
17.    Aaron Buck
18.    Truin Allison
19.    Nathan Searle
20.    Geoff Stewart
21.    Tyler Gould
22.    Eddie Board
23.    Rob Gregory
24.    Cory Johnson
25.    David Smith
26.    Dylan Coop