Senior Community Umpires Pre Season Training Wed, January 16, 2019 - 12:36 PM

First Pre-season training night:

  • Monday 4 February 2019
  • John McGrath Pavilion
  • Ernest Johnson Reserve, South Perth
  • Hensman Street entrance

The first night will be used to train and importantly to discuss the best locations for our pre-season training and get the general preference of the group. For example, do we train both nights at various locations, do we train one night at Ernest Johnson Reserve and one night at another location or do we train both nights at Ernest Johnson?

Confirming pre-season training nights to accommodate people who are still involved with cricket, our pre-season training sessions will be on Monday and Thursday nights. Pre-season sessions will commence 5.45pm sharp and conclude at 7.15pm.

Duncan Bradbury, State Umpiring Strength and Conditioning Coach, will oversee the pre-season and in-season fitness program in conjunction with the soon to be appointed Senior Community Fitness Coach. Having had so much experience working with the large and varied demographic of fitness levels at Senior Community, I will be overseeing and guiding the program to ensure all fitness levels are accounted for.

It is important at this time, that we create a start point and focus strongly on building our fitness during the pre-season. Everything else will fall into place over time and in due course.

We want to see as many faces as possible on the first night.

If you do have further questions or concerns, please feel welcome to contact me


Terry Battle

Senior Community Umpire Head Coach

0423 191 252

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