Don Baker receives WAFC Life Membership Tue, December 10, 2019 - 11:57 AM

The West Australian Football Commission has awarded Life Membership to Don Baker.

Don joined the Wembley Amateur Football Club in 1961 taking on various committee roles. He also was involved with the Perth Football League board and committees as well as the state program. In 2018 Don was inducted into the Perth Football League's Hall of Champions. 

Don is already a Life Member of the Perth Football League, the Australian Amateur Football Council and is now being rewarded with the WAFC’s highest level of recognition. The award is given to individuals who have made an outstanding overall contribution to football in Western Australia.


Wembley Football Club

1961 – 50 A-Grade games. B Grade Team Manager

1970-74 – Club Secretary

1978-79 – Club President

WA Amateur Football League

1986-90 – Junior Vice President

1986-1995 - WAAFL Delegate to AAFC

1991 – Vice President

1992-95 – President

1987-99 – Reinstatement Sub-Committee

2010-14 – WAAFL Hall of Champions Selection Sub-Committee

State Football

1974 - WA State Team Selector

1975-79 - WA State Team Manager & Selector

1980 - WAAFL Liaison Officer to visiting Victorian and SA teams

1982 – Perth Carnival Co-ordinator

1983-86 - Chairman— WAAFL State Team Sub Committee

1985-86 - WA State Team Manager

1988 - AAFC Team Official NFL Bi-Centennial Carnival Adelaide

1991 - Perth Carnival Coordinator

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