Rule Changes Tue, June 23, 2020 - 8:48 AM

Some rule changes were made in February 2020 before COVID-19 postponement and now with a shortened season, some more rule changes have been made.



The AFL has extended the transfer window from 30th June to 31st July 2020.

Covid-19 Type 2 Local Interchange Permit

If your regular team is not playing this season you can play in the Perth Football League on a special COVID-19 Type 2 Local Interchange Permit. Permits need to be lodged by 31st July 2020.


Top 4 teams in all grades: Semi Final 2 (1v2), Semi Final 1 (3v4); Preliminary Final (Loser SF2 v Winner SF1); Grand Final (Winner SF2 v Winner PF)

Player’s Finals eligibility

3 qualifying matches needed to qualify for senior mens, colts, womens and All Abilities.

Player Points System

Will apply in full to League grades. A Season of Service is reduced from 5 matches to 4 matches in 2020.

Relegation and Promotion

1up/1down for A-Grade to C4. Premiers to be promoted, bottom team to be relegated.


Only 1 runner permitted per team.

Waters Carriers

Only 2 water carriers permitted per team.

Match Playing Times

  • Shortened quarters for Senior Mens and Colts matches.
  • League 4 x 22mins (Breaks 5min-12min-5min)
  • Reserves, Colts, C5, E4 x 18mins (Breaks 5min-12min-5min)
  • No change in times for Womens and All Abilities.

Premierships and awards

Premiership Flags and Player Medallions, League Fairest and Best, Grand Final BOG all to be awarded.


  • 3 qualifying matches required to play finals.
  • Out of bounds - last possession introduced
  • Mercy Rule introduced

Trainer accreditation

Trainers need only complete the online component of the Sports Medicine Australia Level 1 Sports Trainer Course or equivalent.



Some changes were made in February 2020 prior to COVID-19;

  • Clubs need to process their team sheets from the League’s APP to Match Day Paperwork APP.
  • Home team to now enter final scores on Footyweb.
  • Coach demerit points has changed.
  • Process for umpires has changed post-match.
  • Time period to appeal a Disciplinary Committee or Competition Integrity Officer decision has increased from 24 hours to 48 hours.
  • D1/D1R grades re-branded to C5/C5R and will be subject to relegation/promotion in coming seasons.
  • Clarified ‘even up’ rule for clubs with two colts teams.
  • Umpires will now wear green tops. Runners will now orange tops.

Womens Grades Only 

  • Womens teams decreased from 25 to 23 players.
  • All women grades – no soccering allowed, we are trying to encourage players picking the footy up.
  • All women grades – out of bounds - last possession rule between the 50m arcs (midfield area)


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