Perth Footy Podcast is here! Fri, July 3, 2020 - 1:18 PM

Check out the brand new Perth Footy Podcast!

Perth Footy is a podcast talking all things Perth Footy League every Thursday. Join Hayden Marchetto and guests as they review the weekend that was and the weekend ahead in regular segments such as the FLAB (the footy laboratory), Fat Chance, and a whole lot of other stuff to fill in the time.

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Episode 7: We knew they'd come out hard 

Episode 6: Kept to our Structures and Processes

Episode 5: Its a four quarter game - Full Version

Episode 4: Take every game as it comes - Full Version

Episode 3: One week at a time 

Episode 2: We're not getting carried away

Episode 2: We're not getting carried away (Extended Edition)

Episode 1: Up and About

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