Thank and Respect the Umpire Round Wed, September 2, 2020 - 12:30 AM

WA Football is recognising the 4 - 6 of September as Thank and Respect the Umpire Round. 

Clubs will be asked to address their playing group pre-game explaining that sides will be thanking and respecting the umpires for the integral roles that they play in our game.

Each coach will be asked to acknowledge the umpire and shake their hand prior to, and at the completion of, the fixture. 

We ask coaches, players and spectators to support the umpires decisions, adhereing to the WAFC 'True Sport' Codes of Conduct.

The WA Football Commission encourages coaches and leaders of community football clubs to also communicate to spectators, parents and volunteers, around the vital part that all umpires play in community football.

Together, the WA Football community can have a significant impact on ensuring positive game day environments for everyone. 

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