Accreditation and Training


To umpire in the Perth Football League, all Field Umpires must be accredited.

To complete the introductory course, please visit  For further information on the Basic, Development and Advanced courses, please contact Greg Gilbee on 9287 5500 or



All Umpires are encouraged to attend training for fitness, development and commeraderie.  Pre-season training is at 5.45pm Monday and Thursdays at Ernest Johnson Oval, South Perth.



The WAFC have appointed a Community Umpiring Manager who oversees the management of all community football umpiring in WA, which includes the Perth Football League. The Community Umpiring Manager is the key point of contact for all Perth Football League Clubs.

In 2020 Field Umpire Coaches have been appointed for respective grades in the Perth Football League.  The role of coaches is to evaluate the performance of WAFC Panel, Pool and Club Appointed Field, Boundary and Goal Umpires and provide feedback to Umpires, clubs and the WAFC.

The Community Umpiring Manager in consultation with the coaches will have the authority to require a Club Appointed Field Umpire to attend Umpire training or other remedial work to improve performance to continue to umpire in the Perth Football League.  Where performance does not improve, the WAFC can remove a Club Appointed Field Umpire from umpiring within the league.

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