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It is a requirement of the Perth Football League that playing jumpers and shorts carry specific marks (logos/wording). These marks are under license from the Perth Football League and respective sponsors to be applied in accordance with the Jumper & Short Specifications.

Click to download the 2021 Jumper and Short Specifications

Refer to Use of Perth Football League Logo >

Blackchrome have been engaged as the only manufacturer permitted to use these marks on Men's and Women's playing jumpers and shorts.



Sleeveless $46.50
Long Sleeve $49.20
Reversible Design: $67.90
Sleeveless $49.80
Long Sleeve $52.50
Reversible Design: $71.50
Sublimated $28.90
Sublimated  $38.80
Self fabric trim at arm holes.
Scalloped back hem.
Sportslock fabric.
Modern fit.
Reinforcement tape

Mens Sizes XS - 5XL.
Womens Sizes 8 - 24
Self fabric trim at arm holes.
Scalloped back hem.
Sportslock fabric.
Modern fit.
Reinforcement tape
Mens Sizes XS - 5XL.

Modern fit and style.
Elastic waist with drawstring.
Sportslock fabric.

Mens Sizes XS - 5XL
Womens Sizes XS - 5XL


Elite Women's Shorts

Men's V Neck Sizing Chart

Women's Guernsey Sizing Chart

Knights Neck Sizing Chart

Men's Shorts Sizing Chart

Women's Shorts Sizing Chart

Women's Elite Shorts Sizing Chart
Pattern Numbers
Men's Sleeveless: 6177
Men's Long Sleeve: 3815 
Men's Reversible: 3462  
Women's Sleeveless: 6233
Pattern Numbers
Men's Sleeveless: 633
Men's Long Sleeve: 3816
Men's Reversible: 6283
Women's Sleeveless: 1273
Pattern Numbers
Men's: 584
Women's: 3722

Pattern Number: 6186


*Sleeveless shown for visual purposes only *Sleeveless shown for visual purposes only    

Prices include GST.
There are no delivery fees via standard road freight.
Urgent orders requested by clubs that require air freight will be subject to freight charges.
No minimum for orders.



  • A sizing set of playing jumpers and shorts for Men's and Women's apparel is available. Collection is from the Perth Football League at Tuart Collage and clubs can loan the sets for a maximum of 7 days.
  • Contact Adam, on 9287 5591 or email if you wish to loan the sizing set.

(Step by Step videos below)

  1. Initial contact for ordering is to be directed to Troy Beard  
  2. Mark will manage and liaise directly with the club until artwork is successfully completed.
  3. Once artwork has been approved by you and the league, the new art including its VL code will be put on the online shop for ordering. You can now only order off the online shop.
  4. Mark will then notify the club they can submit their order onto the webshop.

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For On-field Product Enquiries, Order Progress, Delivery 
Troy Beard
Mobile/Direct: (03) 8899 6250 

For Artwork Enquiries 
Bec Glastonbury
P: (08) 8244 5500 

Perth Football League – for loan sizing sets
Adam Gileno
P: 9287 5591

Perth Football League – for invoice enquiries
Natalie Couch
P: 9287 5592

The Perth Football League is mindful some clubs may have sponsorship with sport retailers and other uniform manufacturers. This manufacturing arrangement does not restrict clubs from purchasing playing socks, polos, jackets, training jumpers and other merchandise from Blackchrome Sportswear, other retailers or uniform manufacturers. This apparel is not permitted to carry the Perth Football League, Carlton Draught and West Coast Eagles trademarks and is therefore outside this arrangement.

ONLINE ORDERING GUIDE: Please watch the below video for instructions on how to sign up and place orders with Blackchrome.

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