McDonald's Small Grants Program

The Perth Football League has a small grants program which our clubs can access to support their investment into much needed equiptment & technology which enhance their operations. 

The annual amount of this grant fund is $25,000 and in 2020, the program was so popular that the PFL Board voted to double the annual fund to $50,000.

In 2021, McDonald's Australia is the naming rights partner of the PFL's Grants Program and is putting much needed funds towards the development and sustainability of our Clubs. 

The next McDonald's Small Grants Funding Round opens on November 1, 2021. For further information, please email

Scarbourough FC used $1,000 towards a Point of Sale System. 

Below is a list of Clubs who have benefitted from this program: - 

Club Project Name Project Amount Grant Amount
Canning Vale Electronic Scoreboard  $8,400 $2,000
Curtin Ice Machine $3,010 $1,500
Fremantle CBC Ice Machine $1,100 $1,500
Gosnells Computer upgrade $2,500 $2,000
Kalamunda Female Changerooms $2,000 $1,500
Nollamara Reconciliation Round  $7,450 $2,000
Quinns Districts Portable Ice Baths  $1,800 $1,500
Scarborough Electronic Scoreboard  $5,000 $2,000
Swan Athletic 2x Freezes  $2,300 $1,500
Wanneroo Designs for alfresco  $4,840 $2,000
Bullcreek Leeming Ice Machine  $4,000 $859
Canning Vale Efficiency & Accountability  $1,756 $1,756
Carlisle Point of Sale  $2,263 $2,000
Cockburn Lakes Computer  $2,200 $2,000
Coolbellup Computer & Printer  $1,414 $1,414
Ellenbrook Point of Sale Terminals  $2,000 $2,000
Forrestdale Technology upgrades  $3,235 $2,000
Forrestfield Financial Governance $3,000 $2,000
Gosnells Sponsors Luncheon  $2,000 $1,000
Hamersley Carine Point of Sale Terminals  $2,000 $2,000
Jandakot Electronic Scoreboard  $13,000 $2,000
Maddington Point of Sale Terminals  $2,750 $2,000
North Fremantle Upgrade Payment System  $2,254 $2,000
Ocean Ridge Point of Sale systems  $1,792 $1,850
Piara Waters Point of Sale system  $2,159 $1,560
Stirling Computing Systems  $2,100 $1,980
Trinity Aquinas Ice Machine  $2,000 $1,500
University Point of Sale systems $1,798 $1,798
Winnacott Female Changerooms  $7,000 $2,000
Cottesloe Ice Machine  $800 $800
Canning South Perth Ice Machine  $2,000 $1,200
Canning South Perth Improve Training facilities  $2,708 $1,000
Kenwick Member Database & POS $2,541 $1,643
Collegians Point of Sale system  $878 $878
Willetton Club Improvement & Fridges  $2,000 $2,000
Kwinana Scoreboard refurbishment  $9,100 $2,000
Swan Valley Electronic Scoreboard  $8,750 $2,000
Mt Lawley Point of Sale system  $3,295 $2,000
Bullcreek Leeming Extra Marquee for coaches  $5,000 $2,641
Curtin Uni Wesley Point of Sale System  $2,316 $1,000
Forrestfield Female Freindly Upgrade  $2,000 $1,000
Jandakot Junior Future Fund  $5,000 $1,000
Ocean Ridge Player injury management  $1,750 $1,000
Scarborough Point of Sale system $3,376 $1,000
Swan Athletic Preseason wellness program  $5,000 $1,000
SNESA Verandah Expansion  $4,000 $1,500
Kingsley Ice Machine  $2,000 $1,500

1.  Guidelines For Applying for the Small Grants Program

1.1      Clubs are not eligible to apply if they:

  1. Are on probationary status with the League.
  2. Have overdue or outstanding project completion reports for any grants, funding or sponsorships with the League.
  3. Have overdue or outstanding payments due to the League; or
  4. Have already received financial or in-kind support from the League for the same project, program or event.

1.2      Which projects are eligible for funding?

  • Projects must meet at least one of each of the strategic areas and funding objectives to be considered for funding.

Strategic areas (must meet one)

Funding objectives (must meet one)

  • Growing the game and the pie
  • Adding value and building capacity
  • Selling the benefits
  • Running a tight ship


  • Attract, retain or reward volunteers.
  • Provide a safe environment for members, visitors, volunteers and the public.
  • Improve the knowledge, skills and or experience of club officials and volunteers.
  • Support and develop the knowledge, skills or experience of coaches and players.
  • Assist with the long-term sustainability of the club.

Examples of projects, but not limited to; Works to have female friendly facilities, improve opposition team facilities (shade shelters, massage tables), changeroom ice machines, club defibrillator, facilitator to conduct a colts welfare workshop, Xero training for Treasurers, around the ground spectator behaviour signage.

1.4      Which projects will not be funded?

  • Any project, program or event which does not fit the eligibility; strategic area or funding objective mentioned above;
  • Ongoing maintenance and repairs which are generally the responsibility of the club or third party such as the local council.
  • Deficit funding (to repay cash shortfalls);
  • Retrospective funding (project cannot begin before the grant has been approved)
  • General club operational costs (e.g line marking);
  • Personal protective or playing equipment (e.g. Mouthguards, footballs, goal post pads, playing apparel); or
  • Tours or travel costs.

1.5      Project limitations:

  • The League will not fund the payment of coaches, club officials or specialists except where it is considered outside of their normal club responsibilities.

1.6      How will the application be assessed?

  • Applications will be assessed and approved by the General Manager.


Funding Assessment Criteria (out of 100)


1. Clear objectives that align with the grant focus areas and funding objectives


The objectives of the project are clearly identified


The project and intended target group aligns with the grant strategic areas


The project and intended target group aligns with the grant funding objectives


2. Direct benefit to the League


The project delivers clear and measurable outcomes and benefits to the target group


There is potential for the project to have a lasting club impact


3. Capacity of the club to manage the funding and deliver the service or program


The project is a high priority for the club


There is evidence of project planning for the full funding period (including achievable timelines)


The club has the organisational structure and skills to achieve the outcomes listed in their application


There is a realistic relationship between the funding requested, anticipated outcomes and the club’s annual budget


The application contains a detailed, clear and reasonable budget


The club has committed their own funds to the project’s sustainability


The project cannot be funded elsewhere





2.  Grant Amounts

Clubs can apply for funding up to $2000 per project.

3.  Grant Applications

Grant applications open 1 November 2020 and will be assessed on ‘first come basis’ till total funds have been assigned for the 2020-21 financial year.

To apply - CLICK HERE

The online form will require the applicant to complete the following:

  • Project name and overview
  • Project objectives and outcomes
  • Grant amount requested
  • Project budget
  • Timeline of the project
  • Upload the club’s annual budget

Multiple Applications

Where clubs are submitting multiple grant applications, those applications must be ranked in order (one, two, three etc) of the club’s priority. This will allow the League to consider the priority order when offering their recommendations for funding.

4.  Approval and Conditions of Funding
Clubs will be informed in writing on the success of their application.

Where funding is approved:

  • Funds will be direct deposited into the club’s bank account.
  • The club agrees to spend the funds as requested.
  • The club agrees to provide the General Manager a report of the outcomes achieved on competition of the project. This may include photos to promote the project.

This report should be emailed to

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