Concussion Protocols

Concussion Protocol Update
In addition to the Concusssion By-Law, the PFL advise of the below update which is in alignment with the WAFC’s Concussion Policy.

Multiple Concussions in a Season

Following any concussion, a player must receive a medical clearance to Return to Play as per the National Concussion Guidelines. If a player receives a 2nd concussion in a season, then the player must be assessed by a doctor or medical practitioner who specialises in concussion management, and be medically cleared by them in order to Return to Training or Play. The WAFC can assist clubs and families in identifying doctors who specialise in the field of concussion.

If a player receives a 3rd concussion within a season combined across any competition then it is highly recommended by the WAFC, that the player does not play for the remainder of the season, and should continue to be assessed / monitored by a medical specialist in Concussion Management.

The PFL have developed the below posters outlining the Concussion Protocols. Please disseminate to your members and trainers to assist in spreading the message regarding the update to the protocols.



Are responsible for conducting the concussion test and reporting whether the player passed/failed. If the trainer is unavailable any club volunteer is able to complete the test.

  • For any suspected concussion, perform the concussion test via Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool (CRT) or HeadCheck app.
  • Report the test at the conclusion of the test via the League Concussion Report Form this form.

Communication to the player needs to be that their recovery is gradual and self-managed. All points below are minimum stardards. Also refer to attached poster.

  • Rest for 24 hours – no screens, no work, no driving, no alcohol.
  • Download the HeadCheck app. This will provide a personalised graded recovery program based on daily questions.
  • Gain doctors clearance.
  • Return to training 8 days after concussion (or when recovered).
  • Return to game 12 days after concussion (or when recovered).


  • Receive doctors clearance before player is back at training (after 8 days).
  • Forward doctors clearance to prior 12pm Friday for player to be cleared to play.

To eliminate any confusion, PLAYERS DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY BECOME AVAILABLE FOR SELECTION AFTER 12 DAYS. A doctors clearance must be forwarded onto prior 12:00pm Friday for the player to be eligible to play.

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