In June 2021, the Perth Football League secured an Innovation Grant from DLGSC to enhance the technologicial capacity of our club network. The need for this was identified due to the varying approaches and capacities of our clubs and volunteers and their knowledge of the capabilities of technological products. 

The grant will be used over the following 12 months to:- 

- Survey Clubs

- Establish a Technology Subcommittee

- Develope a Project Plan

- Research Best Practice Tools for Clubs

- Construct a Platform for Clubs to Adopt (especially poorer performing clubs with regards to technology), &

- Roll out, Test and Support Clubs.

The key theme of the Innovation Grant is to ensure our network of clubs is utalising technology to its full potential to enhance our operations. There will obviously need to be a club development and educational element to this project and we are confident all clubs will benefit.



Below are links to some of the Perth Football League's endorsed technology products we invite all clubs to investigate. 



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