WAAFL Fairest & Best - A Reserve

1972 N. Peating Collegians 2002 B. Cox North Fremantle 2012 S. Pearce North Beach
1973 R. Richmond Fremantle C.B.C 2003 J. Abbott
S. Campbell
Fremantle C.B.C
Swan Athletic
2013 W.Hughes Swan Athletic
1974 N. Cassidy Fremantle C.B.C 2004 J. Abbott Fremantle C.B.C 2014 B. Hinley Swan Athletic
1975 K. Sleigh
N. Watson
2005 J. Abbott Fremantle C.B.C 2015 K.Williams Wesley Curtin
1976-96 No A Reserve  Competition 2006 S. MacNamara Collegians 2016 K.Williams Curtin Uni Wesley
1997 G. Robson
S. Curran
West Coast
2007 L. Howard Trinity Aquinas 2017 A. O'Brien Wembley
1998 G. Jones Scarborough 2008 G. Austen Wesley Curtin 2018 K.Williams Curtin Uni Wesley
1999 G. Jones Scarborough 2009 L. Howard Trinity Aquinas 2019 N. Bowe North Beach
2000 G. Jones Scarborough 2010 J. Jones North Fremantle
2001 C. Longmore Fremantle C.B.C 2011 A. Northover Trinity Aquinas

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