WAAFL Fairest & Best - I Grade

1978 M. Nener Brentwood      
1979 N. Yovich Forrestfield      
1980 M. Ownes Edgewater      
1981 P. Fruend Bullcreek      
1982 E. Derviter Swan View      
1983 K. Nairn Murdoch University      
1984 G. Young Bassendean      
1985 P. Bedford East Fremantle      
1986 T. Satour Murdoch      
1987 W. Mason Navy      
1988 G. McDonald North Fremantle      
1989 A. Miller R.A.A.F      
1990 J. Rees Murdoch University      
1991 D. Jarvis-Spinks North Beach      
1992 S. Spencer High Wycombe      
1993 M. Nish Lynwood Ferndale      
1994 S. Donovan Ocean Ridge      
1995 S. Curtis
C. Wood
West Coast
High Wycombe

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