Colin Jamieson


Colin John Jamieson embodies all that is good about amateur football in Western Australia. He was a man who achieved great heights in Western Australian politics: a Minister in the John Tonkin Labor Government and later Leader of the State Opposition, yet he never forgot his Bayswater Amateur Football Club.

Colin started his involvement in football at Midland Junction Amateurs and his trademark commitment emerged early when he became their club secretary and a delegate to the WAAFL. He then joined Bayswater in 1940 at the age of 17 playing 166 games and serving on the club’s committee for 22 years, first as a secretary for four years and then as President for 18. His dedication and love of the Bayswater Football Club saw him awarded his life membership in 1951.

At the end of Colin’s playing career he often volunteered his time to Bayswater as team manager, time-keeper, or filling any other position that may be vacant on the day. Even when he was president of the Australian Amateur Football Council - from 1967 to 1971 and 1979 to 1983 – he still devoted all his leisure hours to progressing the Bayswater club. If work was needed to be done he would be there using his carpentry skills and he even continued to train with the players until he was 50 years of age.

Colin was always willing to donate his time for the love of the game and as such was appointed assistant team manager at the 1953 National Carnival in Adelaide and team manager at two other carnivals – 1956 in Hobart and 1959 in Perth.

At the WA Amateur Football League level Colin really made his mark: he represented the interests of Western Australian amateur football as the state’s delegate to the AAFC from 1956 to 1985, leading to his two terms as President of the AAFC and seeing him awarded his AAFC life membership in 1985. In 1968 he was elected Vice President of the WAAFL and in 1971 he was became President, a position he held until 1983. He was awarded life membership of the WAAFL in 1958, and in 1971 received the National Football League’s Merit Award for his services to football.

The esteem with which Colin Jamieson was held at the Bayswater Football Club – and nationally - was highlighted 12 years after his death in 1990, at the age of 66. The football club he loved built new clubrooms and today they are known as “The Jamieson Frame Pavilion”, named after Colin and Doug Frame, another Bayswater legend.

Tonight WA Amateur Football is honoured to name the late Colin John Jamieson to our Hall of Champions.

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