AFLX Tournament 2021 Wed, January 20, 2021 - 10:46 AM

The Perth Football League will be conducting an AFLX 7-aside tournament on Saturday 20 February 2021 at Langley Park on the Perth foreshore.

Nominations will only be accepted from Perth Football League Clubs. Clubs wishing to participate are required to complete the online form at the link below by 2 February 2021.

Team entry fee is $200 payable once registered

• Senior Men’s A-E Grade
• Senior Women’s A-C Grade
• Colts

Teams will play 3 round-robin matches plus a final over the space of approximately 3 hours.

All players participating in the tournament must be registered on Sports TG with the Perth Football League club they are playing for in 2021.

A field umpire will be supplied for all matches.

Clubs are required to supply a goal umpire.

Player Uniforms
Players must wear the registered playing uniform of their club.

This is a Perth Football League event and as such participating clubs and players are covered under their JLT insurance policy.

First Aid/Trainers
A First Aid Officer will be supplied at the venue. The First Aid Officer will not be available for player strapping and massages. If this is required, clubs are encouraged to provide their own trainer.

Water carriers are not permitted on the field.

AFLX Explained
AFLX is a fast-paced, high-octane version of the game and is being compared by many to Twenty20 Cricket.

Some modifications have been made for the tournament:

  • The match is played on a soccer/rugby-sized rectangular field.
  • Teams of seven (plus seven on the bench with unlimited rotations).
  • Fast, free-flowing footy.
  • One umpire, no centre bounces, kick-ins from behind the goal line after all scores.
  • Last touch out-of-bounds free kick.
  • Two 10-minute halves with a two-minute break at half-time.
  • No marks paid on backwards kicks.

For further information, please contact Mark Thomas 0413 333 118 or

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