Wanneroo Tackle the Stigma Around Mental Health Wed, July 6, 2022 - 4:53 PM

Last week was all about breaking the stigma surrounding mental health at Wanneroo Amateur Football Club.

Greg Hire from A Stitch in Time talked to the club's members last Thursday about the stigma associated with mental health and how opening up conversations and sharing stories can help eliminate it.

On Saturday, all players from Wanneroo’s Colts, Reserves and League sides donned blue socks, with the League team wearing blue jumpers to raise awareness for the cause. The club also made a donation in support of mental health awareness.

Wanneroo President Lachlan Douglas said, “As a community sporting club, sometimes all our focus can be drawn to those who suffer physical injuries and their well-being, but it’s the battles we aren’t aware of which can have the biggest impact to a playing group.”

Wanneroo's League side wearing their Mental Health Awareness Jumpers

“The committee with the help of several club members were able to come up with a plan to provide our members with a talk from former Perth Wildcat Greg Hire and his foundation, A Stitch in Time, which focussed on opening up conversations, removing the stigma surrounding mental health and checking in on your fellow club members.

“The ability to provide avenues for our club members to explore and know they do have someone to talk to, as well as removing a stigma around talking about topics was our key focus."

To find out more about A Stitch in Time, visit: https://stitchintime.org.au/

Greg Hire from A Stitch in Time talking about mental health to Wanneroo club members

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