Scarborough Raise $10,000 for Sock it to Sarcoma Thu, July 21, 2022 - 9:28 AM

Scarborough's third annual Sock it to Sarcoma Ladies Day event in honour of Lucy Viskovich was held at the club on Saturday July 2 with $10,000 being raised in total for the cause.

Lucy was diagnosed with an Osteosarcoma is 2012 and after 8 years of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. She tragically passed away in June 2020 at the age of 24.

Sadly, less than 1% of cancer research funding is allocated towards sarcoma, even though sarcoma makes up 15% of paediatric cancer, 10% of cancers in the 15-25 age group and 1% of adult cancer.

Sophie has continued to raise funds in the loving memory of her sister Lucy through organising the annual event at the club with all funds raised being donated to the Sock it to Sarcoma foundation.

Scarborough President Joel Ashman said, "I think the day embodies what we want to be as a club."

"We took the opportunity to get behind Sock it to Sarcoma a few years ago to support one family within our football club and to hopefully make a small difference. Now into our third year the day keeps growing, more people show their support and to be able to raise $10,000 this year is something we are very proud of."

To find out more about Sock it to Sarcoma and to donate, visit:


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