Integrated Football







In 2011 the Perth Football League (Formally Western Australian Amateur Football League) was entrusted as the host body of Integrated Football. The Perth Football League's community orientated ethos encouraged the inclusion and participation of athletes with an intellectual disability in an Australian Football competition. 

The most important factors related to taking part in this football competition are the social, emotional and personal growth associated with being part of a team and general enjoyment of being part of something. The experience of football is overwhelmingly positive. 

The Perth Football League Integrated Competition is about fairness and equality, respect and dignity, teaching individuals how to strive and succeed; how to cope with success and disappointment; and it brings people together with a common goal. 

We are committed to ensuring all people in football can participate safely in all forms of the game, and feel welcome in the team and club environment, through Perth Football League clubs that will actively promote inclusion through inclusiveness. We will work with our clubs and stakeholders to deliver welcoming and accessible venues and facilities for all our participants. 

The competition provides participants the same physical, mental and social benefits as those who are not intellectually disabled. We believe it offers many benefits to the individuals, their parents and non-disabled athletes. The value of this inclusive competition is explored in terms of the connection they provide among and between individuals with intellectual disabilities, their families and the surrounding community. 

We welcome all our players, families and our teams who make up the competition from Fremantle CBC, Coolbinia, High Wycombe, Kingsway, Mandurah, North Beach, Warnbro Swans, Wembley and Willetton.

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