Umpire Appointments

All field umpires are appointed to matches weekly via Schedula.  This appointment gives umpires access to the Match Day Paperwork App after the game.  Umpires must accept or decline their appointments before 12pm Thursday.  This ensures we know umpires have seen the appointment and are aware of any start time changes that may have occurred.  During finals, club umpires who do not accept their appointment may have the match withdrawn and allocated to someone else.

AVAILABILITY - POOL UMPIRES  Umpire appointments are coordinated Monday night/Tuesday.  Pool Umpires should advise both Paul Smith and their club if they are unavailable for any fixture as early as possible.

AVAILABILITY – CLUB UMPIRES Appointments were entered at the beginning of the season from the form supplied by the club.  Club Umpires must advise their club as early as possible if they are unavailable.  It is the club’s responsibility to secure a replacement and advise the league by 10am Wednesday.

Penalties may apply to clubs who do not supply an umpire including fines and/or forfeits.

Should you have a query regarding your appointment please contact your relevant Line Coach or Competition Administrator.

For All Panel Appointments  Terry Battle
Senior Community Umpire Coach
Mobile: 0423 191 252 
For all Pool Umpire Field Appointments Paul Smith
Pool Field Umpire Coach (Grades B Res, C2-C4 League)
Mobile: 0416 020 090 
For all Club Umpire Field Appointments Natalie Couch
Perth FL Administration Manager
Mobile: 0422 379 004 
For all Boundary Umpire Appointments Greg Gilbee
State Boundary Umpire Coach
Mobile: 0419 934 382 
For all Goal Umpire Appointments Ryan Harder
State Goal Umpire Coach
Mobile: 0401 864 868 

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